Hi. =]

I'm Pip. I like candy better than chocolate, and coffee better than soda. Cities better than towns, lighters better than matches. Frozen yogurt over ice cream, hoodies over jackets. caramel over fudge.

I have gone through a ridiculous amount of Change in the past months, but I am happy for the upsetting everything that has occurred, as I feel a lot more positive about the future from it. yadda yadda, what doesn't kill you...

I never have anything of substance to toss out so don't look for that here, I'm afraid.

My liquor tolerance has decreased terribly. I blame the attack on my liver mid-October. Shit.

This has slowly gone from 'everything' to 'cryptic ideas' to 'slabs of instant messaging' to 'a bunch of junk i don't post elsewhere'. Enjoy.


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Thursday, July 22, 2010
"THIS SONG MAKES ME WANT TO KILL MYSELF!" they're all death by diamonds and death by diamonds and death by diamonds and death by diamonds and pearls

Posted at 12:34 am by Dagda

Wednesday, July 21, 2010
There is simply nothing I can type here that can top or even come close to matching anything I've typed here in the past. I'm so glad I kept this for years, what a fantastic page to look back on. : ) Burstingly full of things I'd forgotten about and snippets and things. Things are probably a bit different than they were the last time I wrote on this, but nothing too dauntingly different. New people I've met, since I had only just moved to Victoria before, I suppose. The Tanner thing. And so on. But overall I think I still think about the same things and write about the same things, or don't write about the same things. I still read a lot and go to school in the fall and work in the summer and hang out with people and listen to music and go to movies and enjoy midnight premieres of things. I still buy Psychology Today when see new issues out. I still think that I should just re subscribe to it when I see them. I still think about the same things. Perhaps I will jump into things of substance soon because I think I was usually pretty truthful in here, may as well continue in keeping with that. Something I worry about in my future is the way I will go about relationships. Even though I suppose maybe as I get older and more familiar with myself and more comfortable with other people, I should fell more comfortable in relationships but I think I'm just regressing backwards. I'm becoming more and more afraid to show myself or do things around people. I think when I was younger I just still didn't care, or everything was so new to me that I took everything in stride and it didn't really matter but I didn't mind. Hello vague, but now I just feel like I don't open up as much or I second guess things too much and I have noticed that lately and think that it will just get worse as time goes on and I'll become worse and worse at clicking with people and making connections and really opening myself up to people. And I think being vulnerable was and is a good thing to some degree so watching myself shut that side of me off to people and worry to much to even open up seems like a bad way to go about things. How on earth am I going to get close to people if I'm too scared to do as much? I'm in my bed on my laptop, and my roommate is sitting on my bed with her laptop, and her cat is between us and my stuffed animals are beside me and I don't know if this counts as bonding. I feel like I haven't made progress in anything in three years.

Posted at 2:13 am by Dagda

Wednesday, January 28, 2009
I seem to procrastinate a bit. Eggs. I need a schedule-a-day. That I follow. Sleep this long. Have this much coffee. Spend this long on Class A. Class B. Class C. Contemplate Class D. Read own book. Do your internetting on your Blackberry: less random site surfing this way. Eat this for supper. Namely, fruit. and vegetables. Meat isn't even that good. Spend this much time with Boyfriend. With Friend A. Friend B. Structure doesn't have to be a bad thing. I need to get things in order.

Posted at 2:26 am by Dagda

Friday, January 02, 2009
Sometimes people say things that you've suspected and thought they believed in all along, but when it comes out you're still flabbergasted and have no idea how to react.

Posted at 8:09 pm by Dagda

I am twenty today!

Posted at 4:30 pm by Dagda

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

I pull out my eyebrows, and eyelashes.

I do this every Monday night.

This is not to say that I don't do it in between Mondays.


I think you can judge my stability based on the thickness of my eyebrows as we move through photos of myself. awwww.

I pierced my eyebrow when I was 15 or so, sitting on my bedroom floor.

Part of my reasoning was "maybe instead of tugging out my eyebrows, I will just fiddle with this barbell!"

Not the case!

Posted at 8:05 pm by Dagda

Friday, May 16, 2008
katiela: we're dissecting cats in bio
katiela: i don't like waking up at 6:30 and arriving at school at 7:10 to dissect cats.
katiela: not how i'd like to start my day

Posted at 12:08 am by Dagda

Monday, May 12, 2008
And I think that perhaps today I will Feel Better About Things

because this muck I am climbing around in isn't doing it for me and really I should just step out and get a loofah

because there is nothing to really muck about it at all

because everything is a-okay and that isn't to convince me,
because it is the truth
and nothing but.

And today I will perhaps mail a book to somebody and put a letter in it and throw a note into any random page,

and I will write a sticky note to the postman thanking him for the mail every morning

and I really must clean this coffee table even though I always put my feet on it anyway

and maybe I will buy something today
like a coffee
but that isn't a habit to get back into, pal.

and I will stay content the end     

Posted at 3:54 pm by Dagda

Saturday, May 10, 2008
Burning up the town.

My upper legs (some might call them "thighs") are on fire. My laptop has been sitting on them for an hour or so, and the fan really doesn't cool down the computer as much as it used to. I could make hot chocolate on here I tell you.

In any case my laptop just reheated and shut off to prove my point.

I have been living in Victoria for nine days and I have done precious little to show for it. With any luck within three days we have discovered downtown Victoria, and applied for work (and finished updating resumes, and printing them, naturally. also time consuming.)

Must get into schooling because knowing people would be neat. Networking! Pals!

.. twitter friends!


Am writing in my paper journal as much as I can, although I can  hardly think of anything inspirational to write down. My head's been in a slump of a mindset recently, and unfortunately I'm quite sure it's to do with The Weather.

Which perhaps makes a cloudy and raining climate short of ideal.

Who knows.

Anyway. Will climb out of slump. Will get a job.

Will get into school and add twitter to Mobile and feel really hip about it.

Will probably leave Rune Factory unfinished, will continue to watch Tugger progress in GTA 4 and will wish I was half decent at it myself. yay


Posted at 2:26 am by Dagda

Tuesday, May 06, 2008
I live in Victoria now

and everything should be okay

and I never update this but I always feel like I should because although I don't filter it (surprise?), it's a much less browsed thing I suspect.

I hate job hunting. I'm pretty underqualified. I can type like the dickens?  

Posted at 2:53 am by Dagda

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